“The offerings …

“The offerings that have historically been available are shifting because the consumer is getting more information, little by little.”-Anthony Dickey from NYT’s article, “As the Curl Turns…”



Sashé’s Ambrosia Malbrough shares a quick tutorial on how to get the best out of you Hair Rules Aloe Grapefruit Shampoo, Kinky Curly Cream, & Hydrating Finishing Cream.

A Brand New Beyonce!

A Brand New Beyonce!

While you were sleeping… Beyonce let the cut out the bag!Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.52.21 AM

Her hair… her rules!


Can you rock this style at work?

The Big O’s Big FRO!

The Big O's Big FRO!

September 2013 cover of The Oprah Magazine



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#workit: Clean vs Dirty

From our friends over at Dating Tourettes…#workit

dating tourettes

Since I’m on the topic of hair today…

A man just came into my office raving about my hair and how great it looked. Now, I usually wash my hair every day but recently there are times when I go two days without washing it. Since I have started doing this, I get so many more compliments on my hair. Most of my clean hair compliments come from women. The dirty hair compliments come from men. I just don’t understand.

The first time I made the connection and started paying attention to clean hair days vs dirty hair days was a few months ago when I hauled some stuff off to the dump and the guy at the dump hit on me. Seriously…at the dump. He also complimented my hair over and over again, remembered me from previous jaunts to the dump, and invited me come to back any time…

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