Huff Post x Hair Rules

Julee Wilson, style & beauty editor for the Huffington Post’s Black Voices, stepped into the Hair Rules Salon to get a first hand experience from the texture guru, Hair Rules Co-Founder, Anthony Dickey.

After you check out the video, jump over to read the full “Style in the Wild” feature on Huff Post.

Refinery 29 Summer Shampoo Review

Refinery 29 Summer Shampoo Review

Refinery 29’s Beauty Nation let’s women in a secret…Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is one of the best shampoos for EVERY type of hair!

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#HairRulesQA – #KinkyCurlingCream is drying my hair out, what am I doing wrong?


I have 4a/b hair. I followed the steps for kinky hair. I find that after my hair dries I have great spirl curl definition, but my hair is extremely dry for the Kinky Curling Cream. I dont know what i’m doing wrong. My hair is color treated and I sit under the dryer with the Quench Conditioner and I also use the Leave In Conditioner before I apply the kinky cream.


Kinky Curly Cream does not dry out the hair.  What could be drying out the hair?  It does hold the hair, so that hold after you work it in and break the bond and it softens up.  There is hold to the curly cream  but in no way does it dry the hair out, it is not formulated that way. It is super moisturizing.  What could be drying it out is, what you could be feeling, is the ends of the hair that can become coarse and hard if you haven’t trimmed or cut them. If your color has been applied over the whole head instead of at the roots , this could also be causing the hair to be dry. Try using the Hydrating Finishing Cream after your hair is dry and let me know the last time you had a trim .  I hope this helps and thanks for writing in.

How To Maintain an Afro Style

Our friend Cassidy over at asked Dickey for some tips and tricks on keeping an Afro Style for a series she did for  You can watch the full video here.
Video Transcript:
Hi, my name is Cassidy Blackwell, the founder and editor of, it’s a popular website geared towards empowering and educating people about their natural hair. So, a lot of us curly girls, are really focused on creating perfect, defined spiral curls. But sometimes you don’t want to do that, you want to have big, dramatic, editorial curls. It’s that style that’s really on trend these days. Dickey of Hair Rules of New York City, taught me great technique for you to do exactly that. The first step, is to wash and condition your hair. When your hair is thoroughly saturated with water and still looking wet, apply Hair Rules Curly Whip. This is an awesome styling product that really defines curls of all hair textures. Once you have that thoroughly applied throughout your hair, tip your head upside-down and add a little bit more water to really elongate your curls and set them. When your hair is fully dry, take a blow-dryer with a nozzle attachment, and take one section of hair. Apply heat directly to the root to unlock that curl and elongate it. You can work through the entire head of hair, pulling and stretching with your blow-dryer as you go. When you’re finished doing that, you can take little pieces of hair and kind of, separate any other curls that you may have missed. For an added lift, use a volumizing hairspray. Once you’re finished with that, you’ve got your full, beautiful editorial style. Finish with a hydrating finishing cream to add a little bit of hydration and moisture, and you’re ready to go. I’m a big fan of this sort of easy trick to give me a more editorial style. As you can see, it’s got a lot more movement and gesture and height. For more information on how you can get this style yourself, or to get these products that I use, you can go to If you want to learn more easy, natural hair styling tips and techniques, visit me at Read more: Video: How to Maintain an Afro Hairstyle |

Healix blog shoutout

Big thanks to Jennifer over at Healix! She published her review of our Nourishment Conditioner and Kinky Curling Cream. You can view the full post here.

Jennifer – You Rule!