Back to School Do’s & Don’t’s

This weeks #workitwednesday features tips from  Mother,  Wife, Blogger, and Service Management/Data Support Administrator, Kamilah Thomas.

Well, summer break is officially over and it’s back to school for our Lil’ Naturalistas/Naturalistos. It’s important that we stick to a realistic healthy regimen to ensure optimum health throughout these busy winter months. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you to consider when styling your child’s hair throughout the school year.image-27


1. Be sure to keep the hair and scalp clean of any product build up that may cause blockage to the pores. The recommendation would be to wash, deep condition and style the hair once every 1-2 weeks depending what your schedule permits.

2. Keep the hair moisturized throughout the week as needed by re-applying water/oil/cream to moisturize and seal and lock the moisture into the hair.

3. Be sure to protect the tresses by covering the hair with a silk/satin bonnet or sleeping on a silk/satin pillow case. This will also help to minimize the frizz and help your style to stay looking fresh longer.

4. Low manipulation is a must. Minimize the use of combs, brushes and heat styling as much as possible. This will limit the amount of damage and breakage that is sometimes cause by frequent use of these styling tools.


1. Don’t assume that because your child’s hair is in a protective style that it doesn’t need to be attended to. You should still moisturize the hair while utilizing protective styles.

2. Don’t be a product junkie. Find a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and moisturizer that work for your child’s hair and stick to using those products. You don’t need to use too many products, it’s just not necessary. I can assure you that your pocketbook will thank you for obeying this tip.

3. Don’t allow your child to sleep without protecting his/her tresses. The friction from sleeping on cotton sheets/pillow cases can cause dryness and damage to one’s hair. It’s important to ensure that your child is sleeping with a silk/satin cap or pillow case.

4. Don’t style your child’s hair in ways that may cause damage to the hair/scalp. Ensure that if you are styling your child’s hair in braids or ponytails that it’s not pulling to tightly as this could cause permanent damage to the child’s hair line or cause traction alopecia. If you notice bumps on the scalp or breakage to the edges of the hair, you should remove the style immediately to limit any further damage.

I hope these few tips will help you to keep your child’s hair healthy during these busy winter months and make it easier for you to achieve your growth goals as well.

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