The Cut That Changed the World…Maybe


When I awoke on August 8, 2013, it felt like the day before. How was I to know that the information that would spark some of the most intense debates on standards of beauty that the world had seen since the Black issue of Italian Vogue was happening a few clicks of the computer away. BEYONCÉ HAD CUT HER hair and the world was literally sent into frenzy! Though far from being the first celebrity to do a “big chop”, this was KING BEY and therefore the stakes were higher.  Whether you loved it, hated, thought she should have gone natural, wished she dyed it a darker color, or wondered if weave sales would plummet , one thing was certain, you couldn’t go anywhere and find anyone that wasn’t talking about it. “Do you know what this could mean for women everywhere? Women could actually live in the hair they have”, a friend of mine said. Although I wasn’t sure how long the masses would be transfixed on Beyoncé’s hair, I allowed myself a moment to imagine what life would look like if women everywhere were simply HAPPY with what they had.

Having lived in a world of “If you don’t like it, pay to change it “for my entire existence, simply and wholly loving what you have isn’t something that I had ever even considered and if honest about it, most people haven’t. Be it hair, skin, teeth, nose, lips, height, body, at some point in life we’ve all picked at or on something about ourselves that we would have gladly changed or “fixed” given the right financial situation. But what if, by shedding a physical expectation, a standard of beauty she had become synonymous with and simply living and exhibiting beauty in the way SHE saw fit, Beyoncé had freed up the masses to do the same. What would that world look like?

In the weeks to come the conversations would continue until one day it happened, Beyoncé appeared in a weave, far different then the long tresses that had been known for. This was a bob cut and once again, the world was sent into a tailspin and the internet went wild. Where some people felt vindicated, other felt betrayed. Unfortunately, I think most folks missed the point.

The truth is, every day when you rise, you have a choice in exactly the way you are going to be present in the world. The decision to comfortably live in your own skin is a power that you have and guess what? You don’t need ANYONE to tell you how to be. There is nothing wrong with changing up your look as it suits you. The damage is done in changing because you’ve been made to feel as though your natural self is WRONG.

As we transition from Summer to Fall, finding a new look is not uncommon (In fact most of us has it programmed into our minds from grade school). If you are deciding to shake things up a bit, remember as long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

Words by KarynRose Bruyning is a Florida born, New York City based writer. She is the writer/director of the web series, SMOKE AND MIRRORS, and co-owner of Christmas in July 1982. Follow her on Twitter @thekarynrose.

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