“It’s Complicpated”


Join Hair Rules as team up with Patrick Carrick Brunson of OWN’s “LoveTown, USA” to present a special presentation of Amanda Seales‘ “It’s Complicated: Hilarical Answers to Serious Questions about Love.”

This Tuesday, August 20th at 7:45pm at THE STAND NYC

Check out the trailer below!

Great Laughs and Giveaways!

Hurry and get you ticket! –> Ticket INFO


  1. Erin Parker says:

    I attended last nights show (8/20) and Amanda is awesome. She is soooooooo underrated and I hope she will eventually get the recognition she deserves. Her show is clever, witty, real and most of all hilarious. Amanda should try her best to put this show on the road reaching out to all venues such as schools, theaters and clubs, and even women’s prisons and I think she will go very far eventually leading to a network picking this up and creating a show around it. There are not that many female empowerment shows like Amanda’s in this format and Amanda has created a unique niche for herself.

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