#WorkItWednesdays: Lisa Girasa


Occupation: Therapist

I used to be pretty paranoid about letting my hair go and be its natural self in the work place. I’m a therapist and I was “conditioned” to believe that my big fro wouldn’t give me credibility. Tons of gel and then slicked back tight into a bun or shaved off completely. Now forget about it! I love my 3c verging on 4a curls! I think that love and acceptance has given me the confidence to be me, including letting my hair be. I even love my hair best when the curls are roughed up and kinda frizzy like yarn. Once I let go, I suddenly got tons of compliments about my hair (I was shocked). I still wrap my hair in a scarf a couple of days a week to protect it but other than that, out, big and proud!

Check out previous #workitwednesdays or if you want to share your stories/photos with us, send to david@hairrules.com

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