A Brand New Beyonce!

A Brand New Beyonce!

While you were sleeping… Beyonce let the cut out the bag!Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.52.21 AM

Her hair… her rules!


Can you rock this style at work?


  1. Miley Cyrus inspired? Following trends> Don’t get me wrong looks lovely, but why now?

    • Because she WANTS to do it now!??!
      stop hating and just congratulate the girl!

    • Really… woman have been cutting their hair for years. And plus, who’s to say Miley didn’t get inspired by Rhianna’s or Pink’s hair cuts. When someone wants to change something they do it for them, because has to do with them. Beyonce’s proven that she’s her own woman/person. And people inspire people, who cares why.

  2. Her version of a “Mom” cut maybe? She’s been looking more low maintenance since she had her baby.

  3. Women always change our hair.

  4. oooooo Beyoncé cut her hair?? (or simply did not add any hair) Either way, do we applaud someone for something that ALL women do ALL the time and have been doing probably since the beginning of time??? hmmmm I think not. ijs

  5. beyonce got tired of wearing all that w e a v e ..fake hair..natural is better

  6. Rennie Watkins says:

    People change, people grow and move on!!!! Beyoncé! DO YOU!!! Don’t let what people think bother you. As long as you are happy, love yourself like I know you will. I am that way too, because that is what God want us to do. You are beautiful!! with, or without the hair!!!

  7. I think it looks nice on her. . Prolly need a tighter touch up in the back, but still in all it looks nice on her and she can decide to do whatever she pleases with her hair. Lmao with all of the styles I went through, she’s way behind!

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