#Fearless Fatima

It’s Fearless Friday!

This week’s #fearless moment comes from freelance stylist, blogger, & office manager, Fatima.



When I think of fearless, I think of a moment not too long ago when I decided to leave a job that made me unhappy for way too long. After I completed college, I found a well paying job maybe a year or so later. I was able to do what I loved everyday but the staff and the company I worked for were not pleasant.

At first, leaving my job was just an idea but each day the idea started to consume me. I realized I was spending countless hours stressing and being unhappy. I never had the energy or time to work on things that really made me happy like my blog , designing or spending time with my friends.

When I expressed this idea to most of my friends and family they all said I was crazy and told me to find something else first .

However, I was determined to focus on passions more. That was on of the most unhappy times of my life. Then one day I just got the courage and took a leap. I was tired of being unhappy so… I saved up as much as I could, found an unpaid internship working in a high end fashion showroom in the city and I put in my two week notice.

That was not only the best choice I made in my life, but it was the scariest as well. I was terrified that things wouldn’t work out, but I stuck with my gut feeling. I didn’t end up getting a job at that showroom but it put me in the right direction and gave me the right experience to find a much better job still doing what I love. I even had more time to focus on my business and blog. There was moments when I doubted my decision, but I just kept pressing forward and I’m so happy I did!

Fatima, 22


If you want to share you #fearless photos and stories, send them to david@hairrules.com.

You want it? Go get it! Be #fearless!

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