Why Numéro‘s Apology for Its Controversial ‘African Queen’ Spread Rings Hollow | Fashionista

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 4.48.11 PMFashionista did a great post on why Numero’s apology for their African Queen Story isn’t quite enough.

If you truly want to show the “melting pot and mix of cultures”, why not use a model that truly reflects just that?

We appreciate the beauty of art and fashion.  We just fail to understand that the best way to express the photographers point of view was the bronzed equivalent of Al Jolson.

We received comments that perhaps the model was African, pointing out that not all African’s are black.  Which of course is true.  However, the model used is not of African descent.  You could argue that it would have made more sense to have Charlize Theron in this spread, as she is South African.  Or any other  model that was actually born in Africa, regardless of their skin color.

Yes, fashion is fantasy.  But the reality still stands that there is an inherent failure in the fashion industry to truly reflect the changing face of diversity both here and abroad.

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