16-Year-Old White Girl Poses in ‘African Queen’ Editorial

16 Year Old White Girl Poses in "African Queen" editorial

16 Year Old White Girl Poses in “African Queen” editorial

This story from Jezebel is making the rounds this morning and rightly so.  There is no shortage of beautiful women of color that could have been used in place of a painted white girl.  Given the experiences of our founding partner Kara Young as a model, we can’t help but wonder if this had something to do with hair.  Kara was routinely asked to show up to her shoots with her hair already done, many times the stylist never knew how to work with her thick, course, and often unruly hair.

While booking a white model for this shoot may have made the hair stylists work a little easier, this certainly wasn’t an easy task for the makeup artist.  You can bet that the clothes were stained with makeup and more than likely ruined after.

We remember the stunning regal beauty of Alec Wek with short cropped hair and skin so dark it had iridescent hues.  All the makeup artists had to do was apply baby oil to her skin to make it reflect light in the most beautiful ways.

It’s time for the fashion industry to truly start appreciating women of color for their natural beauty.  Shame on Numero for failing to do just that in this story.

16-Year-Old White Girl Poses in ‘African Queen’ Editorial.


  1. Hair is no excuse. There are millions on dark African women with beautiful straight hair. Why does everyone think that all dark people of African decent have nappy course hair.

    • As many different colors of a people we are, we also have as many textures. You can’t look at a persons hand and determine what their hair texture is. Diversity is a beautiful thing, one that we would like to see expressed more often in all of it’s beautiful glory.

    • I agree. Why do people think becuase a person is darker skinned they have kinky hair. I’m darker skinned but my hair is long and wavy naturally.

  2. if hair was such an issue, there is an incredible number of bald african women in the industry. like….plenty.

  3. I do agree that they should’ve pciked a woman of color. However, there are white people that were born in Africa and they consider themsleves African. I’m just sayin’ but that prob what these fools of this magazine would say to defend their choice.


  1. […] did a great post on why Numero’s apology for their African Queen Story isn’t quite […]

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