#QA – Products for Shedding and Hair Breakage While Going Natural

Can I go to Walgreens here in my home town and have them order it? Also, what products should I use for shedding, and hair breakage while going natural? I’ve relaxed my hair for years and don’t want to cut it.

If you would like to know where Hair Rules products can be found go to our website at www.hairrules.com ;and scroll to the bottom where it has retail locator and just click on that and put in your zip code or state and your location in your area for Walgreens or Target should come up. (You can also order online at walgreens.com and target.com)

There’s never one product that will prevent shedding, shedding is more preventative than anything. There could  be an existing problem. From the question it looks as though you’re transitioning from relaxers to natural.  It is rumored that if you stop relaxing your hair will break all off and that’s not true.  Where that actually applies is if you’ve over relaxed the hair and you have a very kinky type 4 texture that has very little curl pattern.  Then there’s that really processed hair, because  you’ve taken the hair to the limit with the relaxer, and then there’s the new hair coming and you can get breakage from that.  I’m not sure if that’s where it’s coming from or the kind of damaging techniques that you’re using to style your hair.  Congratulations! Now that you are transitioning out of a relaxer, if properly care for your texture you will get great results and you will have a lot of versatility.

One of the first big things with transitioning out of a relaxer, the most important thing that has to happen, is you have to stop using shampoos that has suds at all costs.  Avoid entirely any shampoo that has suds.  We have an amazing non sudsing cream shampoo, it’s the Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream. It will allow you to clean your hair without drying it out.  You want to be mindful of the new texture coming in and the one that is still processed. You want to keep the one that’s coming in soft so it’s easy to blow dry and you don’t want to do any damage to to the relaxed hair that you have.  I would suggest using a blow dryer with a comb attachment to style it, and smooth out the roots while they’re wet, after you’ve cleansed with Daily Cleansing Cream and conditioned with Quench Conditioner.  We also have a great blowout styling product called Blow It All Out and that should also help to further moisturize your hair so that it is more pliable and soft.

The last thing you ever want to do to your new hair texture coming in is to dry it out.  (Remember it’s naturally dry so the last thing you want to do is put a shampoo that has suds that is going to dry it out or strip it.) Your hair will never need anything.  Textures that are naturally dry, say the 3’s, the 4’s, the curly, and the kinky, their textures will never need any shampoos that have suds , maybe to remove buildup every three months or so. Beyond that, we don’t suggest using it on those hair textures any suds (sulfate free or not).  Sulfate free happens to be an ingredient that has sulfate has been taken out of shampoos that have suds, the fact remains that any shampoo that ever existed that had suds should have been sulfate free.  That doesn’t mean they were for every hair texture. Now you know that kinkier textures should avoid shampoos that have suds at all costs, sulfate free or not.  Daily cleansing cream is sulfate free, it’s paraben free, phthalates free, it’s great for kids.  It’s a cream shampoo so you want to use enough to get your hair juicy. This part of your hair care regimen, it  will keep the hair soft  and the new hair coming in so you can transition it into your natural texture without any damage.  Shedding usually comes from having dried out your texture that’s naturally dry on top of that and then your relaxed hair which is also dry and damaged technically that’s how you straighten hair.  When you use sodium hydroxide relaxers there’s a certain amount of damage that has to occur so if you start to dry it out it starts to shed.  There can be a normal amount of shedding there can be an unusual amount of shedding which comes with bad hair care.  Don’t feel that you have to cut your hair to transition your hair to natural.  Terms that we hear like big chop are not necessary for everybody it’s a choice you can make.  Or wait until you are comfortable with chopping off and departing from the straight and just have your natural texture.  All in time, that’s what transitioning means it means that time is a healer.  How you think of your hair today, the day you stop relaxing your hair, will be different six months from now,  where you will feel more comfortable with the texture that you have that  you’ve been living with, that you’ve become familiar with at that point maybe you will decide to cut it off.  I hope this helps and go to Walgreen’s  get some Hair Rules products.

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