Customer Q and A – What Can I Do About Thinning Hair?


As a woman of color what can I do about thinning hair in the front and the sides of my face, or something to make my hair thicker?


I’m assuming that you’re natural or not relaxed.  Thinning can come from a number of things usually thinning around the hairline or at the sides.  The hair around your hairline happens to be the finest, and the most fragile for everybody, regardless of ethnicity and texture. The hairline is the most fragile and finest texture because as the hair grows closer to to the face it gets finer.  As a result of that, any kind of damage that occurs usually occurs there first.  If you’ve been relaxing, doing weaves, or braids for a long extended period of time then you’re going to receive damage there first.  Hopefully, it’s not permanent damage because that happens a lot of time too.  The bulb of the follicle and if you damage the scalp or the root then the scalp just won’t produce anymore hair.  A lot of you know or heard the terms stress spots if you’ve been relaxing your hair.  The scalp is just refusing to produce healthy hair anymore.  So the last thing you want to do is damage the scalp by improper hair care or methods of enhancing or textures that are too harsh for your  scalp.  Remember, the scalp is your largest organ and you don’t disqualify your scalp as different from your skin.  It happens to be the area women focus the least amount of attention to, much differently than you do the skin on body or the face which you give the utmost care.  When it comes to the hair or scalp, you tend to deal with your hair care regimen in a manner that keeps you away from super healthy hair care or styling.  You want to be mindful with your hair care regimen; that you cleanse the scalp with something that is gentle and not drying it out, that you cleanse the scalp at least once a weekend, you refrain from using shampoos that have suds, and if you have a texture that is naturally kinky or curly you want to use Hair Rules Cleansing Cream.  This will help to alleviate any kind of dryness or dry scalp and it is also a way to gently care for the hair so you’re not drying out the hair of the scalp, and the ph balance of about 5.5 which is closest to the skin.  Like I said, stay away from any harsh tension, chemicals, or braids that are too harsh for the scalp which usually take place and pop up around the hairline.  I hope this helps and I hope to see your scalp grow back hair, fuller thicker hair, as a result of this.

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