#HairRulesQA – #KinkyCurlingCream is drying my hair out, what am I doing wrong?


I have 4a/b hair. I followed the steps for kinky hair. I find that after my hair dries I have great spirl curl definition, but my hair is extremely dry for the Kinky Curling Cream. I dont know what i’m doing wrong. My hair is color treated and I sit under the dryer with the Quench Conditioner and I also use the Leave In Conditioner before I apply the kinky cream.


Kinky Curly Cream does not dry out the hair.  What could be drying out the hair?  It does hold the hair, so that hold after you work it in and break the bond and it softens up.  There is hold to the curly cream  but in no way does it dry the hair out, it is not formulated that way. It is super moisturizing.  What could be drying it out is, what you could be feeling, is the ends of the hair that can become coarse and hard if you haven’t trimmed or cut them. If your color has been applied over the whole head instead of at the roots , this could also be causing the hair to be dry. Try using the Hydrating Finishing Cream after your hair is dry and let me know the last time you had a trim .  I hope this helps and thanks for writing in.

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