A big thanks to The Lone Natural for naming our Quench Conditioner one of her must have products!

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Its 2013 Lovlies!!! Can you believe it?! I’ve achieved so much in 2012 and so have you. Thanks so much for sticking with me all this time! There will be many giveaways to come and so much more to show my appreciation to you all!
Ok so, here’s what’s been going on. My hair has grown, and now, my routine has changed. I’m learning the importance of moisturizing and sealing my hair and now co-washes are a must have in my schedule. Great hair takes time my dearies!
Speaking of new routines, I’m no stranger to moisture, but me and the sealing technique have become very close friends. Due to the whole regimen change, I have decided that as part of my “Something New Challenge”, I’m reducing my hair products from a Bigillion to only 5. Just the essentials for 2013 Lovlies. I do not gamble nor do I advocate…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! The conditioner is amazing and I have never been so excited to Cowash my hair! It’s a definite keeper in my new routine!!!

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