24 Unbelievable Career-Building Makeovers from Allure

Dickey and the Hair Rules team were thrilled to lend a hand to Allure and the Year Up graduates for makeovers that make a difference.

Via allure.com: ” There’s a basic job-interview checklist that every candidate is trying to tick off: a typo-free résumé, strong eye contact, enthusiasm, and of course a professional look. The latter can be the most confusing, but the following women didn’t have to figure it out alone. Allure gave career-building makeovers to 24 outstanding women involved with Year Up, a 12-month training program that provides disadvantaged 18- to 24-year-olds with job skills, classes, and internships. We didn’t do it alone, either: Allure teamed up with hairstylist Amoy Pitters of Amoy Couture Hair, hairstylist Dickey of the Hair Rules Salon, and makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen and received clothing donations from our favorite office-wear designers.

Now, the best part of any makeover:  follow the link below to see the big reveals.


Dickey working it on set for Allure

Taren Guy Love and Learn Your Hair Event at Hair Rules Salon

taren montageWe were so thrilled to partner with Taren Guy for her first meetup event, hosted at the Hair Rules Salon.  Needless to say, the response was overwhelming.  A beyond capacity crowd was assembled larger than what any of us anticipated.  While we were so pleased by the turnout, we were sorry that not everyone could be accommodated.   We will be partnering with Taren to do another event in February (at a larger space) check back here again for details in January, and of course Taren will post info as well.


Dickey did a big chop for one lucky lady, Shola. You can check out the start of her transformation and Dickey’s words of wisdom here:

Hair Rules colorists Aimee and Katiria also got on board providing a few lucky ladies with some holiday highlights.amy at taren event

Taren will be posting video from the event soon, we will share as soon as it becomes available.  If you were there and have photos or video to share, please do!  You can post to our Facebook page or email us links to info@hairrules.com.

taren event

Dickey checking on Shula’s hair after her big chop.

taren group pic

The Hair Rules Salon team and Taren Guy at the Love and Learn Your Hair Event.

taren 5

Taren addressing the crowd at the Hair Rules Salon.

More Holiday Looks for Natural Hair from Dickey courtesy of Bella Sugar

Reprinted courtesy of BellaSugar.  View the original story here: www.bellasugar.com/How-Do-Updo-Natural-Hair-26251409

Bella SugarIf you think naturally kinky and coiled hair is a one-trick pony, think again.

According to Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules Salon, it’s one of the most versatile hair types around. You can wear it straight, wear it big, or wear it curly. Go far beyond the afro with this step-by-step holiday updo tutorial. Best of all, you can do most of the work in the shower.

image 2 of 9Getting elongated curls that are low on frizz and high on curl definition is every natural-haired woman’s dream.

But Dickey explains that the key to converting kinks to curls is styling while hair is soaking wet.

First, wash hair with a non-sudsing cream cleanser to keep it moisturized and frizz-free. Don’t pile your strands on top of your head, though. Instead, pull all your hair back and scrub the roots and comb product through to the ends with your fingers. Follow with a conditioner, and begin the detangling (and stretching) process.

image 3 of 9Kinky hair types often experience extreme shrinkage, but it turns out the process to long ringlets begins in the shower.

“When women say they don’t get salon results at home, we find out they’re using quarter-sized amounts of product,” Dickey says. For natural textures, he recommends using an amount more along the lines of golf and tennis ball proportions.

So when it comes to applying conditioner, completely coat your strands with it. Use your fingers to detangle, pulling hair from roots to ends; this will help lengthen and clump curls together. You can also use this same technique when you put in a styling gel, such as the brand’s Kinky Curling Cream ($18).

image 4 of 9In order to distribute the product throughout the hair, rinse the entire head with a splash of water.

Then, bend over and shake furiously. This will help separate curls, and each hair will fall naturally into place when you flip back over. Sit under a hood dryer until hair is completely dry (about 30 minutes).

image 5 of 9The next step to getting the big hair of your natural dreams is to stretch it with a blow dryer.

Focus the heat at your roots while pulling hair from the midshaft. In order to prevent frizz, however, try to avoid combing hair with your fingers.

image 6 of 9To transform your everyday curls into a night-out updo, make five sections (two horizontally on the sides and three vertically in back).

Twist hair upward on the sides, rolling it in itself while tucking in the ends. Secure with U-shaped hair pins as you go along. Make sure to insert each pin below the twist, and then flip it and push all the way in using a downward motion.

image 7 of 9Continue to twist and pin all around the head.

Don’t worry about parting hair perfectly. Just grab and go. All the twists should end near one central point at the crown of the head. In order to keep the twists smooth and flyaways scarce, use a pomade on your fingers as you style.

image 8 of 9If your hair is continually flopping forward instead of standing up, then use Dickey’s trick:

take a wide-tooth comb (or hair pick) and lift hair at the roots. Then, spritz just the roots with a hair spray, like Hair Rules Volumizing Hair Spray ($18).


image 9 of 9The finished look is fun and funky, yet sophisticated enough for a formal affair.

To keep this style fresh after a long night on the dance floor, tie a scarf around the back and sides before bed.

WWD Beauty Inc Awards declares Hair Rules Newcomer of the Year!

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 12.58.29 PMWe are so thrilled to be honored by WWD Beauty Inc as Newcomer of the Year.  These prestigious awards are handed out once a year and the recipients are hand picked by WWD editors for their achievements in the beauty industry.  The Hair Rules founding partners, Dickey, Kara Young, and Kristy Engels were on hand at The Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC to accept the award.  Of course, we couldn’t have done it without your support, we thank you.  We look forward to continuing to spread our multi-textural education further in the coming years.

WWD article excerpted here:

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 9.20.26 AM

The honorary chairman of Shiseido Co. Ltd., Yoshiharu Fukuhara, was presented with the Visionary Award on Thursday morning at the 11th annual WWD Beauty Inc Awards breakfast at The Four Seasons in New York City. Carsten Fischer, Shiseido’s corporate executive officer, accepted the award on Fukuhara’s behalf.

“Yoshiharu Fukuhara has brought leadership into unknown territories,” said Fischer, “and has communicated to a new generation.”

Fukuhara said in a videotaped response, “Today the world is in a state of confusion as it has been unable to find a model for new growth. To help us emerge from this state, everyone involved in the cosmetics industry must use their work to propose new values to move society forward in a positive fashion.”

In a room packed with beauty’s key power players, among the attendees were a bevy of Lauders including Leonard A. Lauder, chairman emeritus of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.; Ronald Lauder, chairman of Clinique Laboratories and his wife, Jo Carole Lauder. Also in attendance was Fabrizio Freda, president and ceo of the Estée Lauder Cos.; Frédéric Rozé, president and ceo of L’Oréal USA; Alan Ennis, president and ceo of Revlon Inc.; Heidi Manheimer, ceo of Shiseido America; Lily Garfield, founder and ceo of Cos Bar USA, and Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president of the Estée Lauder Cos.

But the recipients weren’t the only one giving thanks. Gina Sanders, Fairchild Fashion Media president and chief executive officer, kicked off the morning with a video honoring WWD’s executive beauty editor, Pete Born, and his 35 years at the company.

Here is a full the list of the winners:

• Product of the Year, Mass: Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (color cosmetics), Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment (skin), Pantene Expert Collection (hair).

• Product of the Year, Prestige: Nars Andy Warhol Collection (color cosmetics), La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream (skin), Lancôme La vie est belle (fragrance).

• Brand of the Year: L’Oréal Paris (mass), Yves Saint Laurent Beauté (prestige).

• Newcomer of the Year: Hair Rules (mass), Ciaté (prestige).

• Retailer of the Year: Family Dollar (mass), Selfridges (prestige), Cos Bar (speciality).

• Launch of the Year: Red Carpet Manicure (mass), Aerin (prestige).

• Ad Campaign of the Year: Benefit Cosmetics’ “Glamouriety.”

• Marketer of the Year: Gina Boswell, executive vice president, personal care Unilever (mass); Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president of Estée Lauder (prestige).

• Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Groupe Clarins.

• Digital Innovator of the Year: Revlon (mass), Sephora (prestige).

• Creative Influencer of the Year: Frédéric Malle.

Two Party-Perfect Hairstyles For Curly Hair


Check out the beautiful holiday looks that Dickey created for BellaSugar, using our Polished Perfection Duo of Blow It All Out and Volumizing Hair Spray.

Will you try them at home?

Two Party-Perfect Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Customer Q and A – “What is the Best Product for Color Treated, Fine, Curly Hair?”

Dickey answers the following customer question:

“What is the best product for color treated, fine, curly hair?  It has a tendency to lie flat on top.”


Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is ideal for any color treated hair.  It will help to prevent the color from bleaching and fading so it stays vibrant and it won’t fade your hair.  If your hair is flat, or fine and curly and lies flat on top then you want to stay away from products that are too heavy.  I would go with the Wavy Mousse which is a lightweight kind of non-dense water based mousse that will adhere to any curl pattern without causing it to be flat or sticky.  So you feel healthy hair not sticky hair and then you get a lot of buoyancy out of your curl pattern.  I hope this helps Nancy and good luck.

Customer Q and A “What Am I Supposed To Do With My Natural Kinky Hair At Night?

Dickey answers the customer question:

“What am I suppose to do with my natural kinky hair at night?  When my hair was long and relaxed, pin curling and a satin bonnet did the trick.  However, I have no idea what to do with my natural hair other than wear my bonnet at night.  In the morning, my kinky hair is matted and requires wetting everyday to style. What’s the right answer here?”

Wet it and restyle.  The beauty of natural hair is that now you are not bound by styles that keep you away from the one thing your texture wants, or wanted all these years, which is water and conditioner.  Remember Jeri curls? You didn’t see a dry Jeri curl out there.  You couldn’t. No matter whether they were processed or not, you couldn’t afford to dry the hair out because it wouldn’t curl, it would only fall out.  When you’re considering going natural you have to get rid of all of the ideas, or misconceptions, or rules for your straight styles when you wore relaxers or pressed your hair.  Those are all styles that get you from shampoo to shampoo because you didn’t have to concern yourself with the fact that they might lock up, matt up, and draw up.  They were straight and there was no fear of the hair being compromised or breaking off because of that.  When you are natural there’s a completely different set of rules. The idea of being natural is that you’re incorporating your hair care and styling routine into your shower routine.  Which makes your hair texture be at its best because you know that it’s naturally dry, so it’s constantly getting conditioned, so it starts to perform better.  There are women who are natural that don’t want to wear straight styles or do heat styling because of the heat damage, because usually they are coming to the table natural having very little knowledge about what natural really means, so they don’t get their hair wet and their texture dries out.  There’s no amount of oil, or grease, or anything, or there’s not a product out there that is going to restore moisture back to a texture that’s naturally drier, that you kept away from water and conditioner for a week at a time and let lock up.  The sheer nature of the texture is that it tightens up and the idea of keeping it soft is so that it loosens up and has some type of a curl pattern and becomes pliable.  So it doesn’t need a lot of heat and tension when you go to blow dry it with a comb attachment because it’s soft.  When it gets dried out it is when you need a lot of muscle power and you end up breaking the hair, you end up using heat on top of hair that’s been dried out all week long, or stripped and now it won’t go back to its natural state because it has no more flexibility, so it doesn’t have the ability to go back straight. Then in your protective styles you would just rather twist it up and leave it alone instead of prepping the hair for the long haul of being kept away from water and conditioner by blowing in leave in conditioners into the hair and oils and all of those things so then you twist your hair up on hair that you’ve prepped and twist it up with your favorite styling product.  We twist up all our protective styles with Nourishment Leave In Conditioner, with the comb attachment that we blow into the hair so that the hair is getting a conditioning treatment. Then we take the oils and then we blow those into the hair and the hair gets stretched out and is super hydrated and moisturized and then we twist out hair that has been stretched out.  So the hair then gets a lot more versatility or curl pattern and definition, so at the end of the week your protective style is not dried out or broken off, your protective style really is a protective style.  It really has protected your hair.  If you’re going to do heat styling again I recommend at least three days of wash and wear styling or at least sleep with a cap over conditioner overnight so the hair gets super hydrated before you go and use heat on it.  These are all things that really promote the versatility in a texture that has been deemed problematic.  Just because you decided to go natural doesn’t mean that you want to just wear natural hair all the time.  Women sometimes want to walk into the boardroom with straight hair, it’s entirely up to them. I would say that continue to look at the Hair Rules how-to section or rules by texture in the kinky section and the idea is to take your hair into the shower with you, and incorporate your hair care and style routine into your shower routine, and that should answer your question on whether or not you can sleep on it.  Of course you can sleep on it.  Do it at your convenience.  I hope this helps.