Customer Q and A – Help With a Low Cut Natural Fade

Dickey responds to the following question:

“Hello to all, I’ve been searching hi and low for a product that will be suitable for my type of hair.  My name is Brenda, and I’m an African American female who has recently gone natural.  I wear a very low cut fade. Unbeknownst to me, my hair has now formed, what the guys have been telling me, “A 360 degree” wave pattern. My dilemma is finding the right product that will help me manage my hair to the fullest while giving me the natural look– chemical free.  There are hair products out there that cater to longer wavy hair; however, my hair is on the complete opposite of the spectrum because I wear an extremely low fade so I feel products that market to women with natural low fades, kinky wavy hair is warranted because my wave pattern needs direction, managed and maintained. I can send you photos; if you like. Your advice and expertise is greatly appreciated in advance.”

Anyone of the products the Kinky Curling Cream, Wavy Mousse, or Curly Whip, they’re all lightweight moisturizing formulas that you put on and apply to your haircut the same way you would with any other product, they’re not greasy.  The other product I would recommend would be the Daily Cleansing Cream.  It’s not necessarily your haircut that dictates the types of products that you use but your wave pattern.  If you’re trying to enhance your wave pattern than you want to use something that is not greasy and will help to moisturize and hold the wave pattern.  I’m loving your wavy fade and I think you could also use Hydrating Finishing Cream.  Those styles you can do in the shower with you,  take the products in the shower with you apply them to very wet hair first and then dry it as you normally would.  Other than that I don’t know that you have much of a problem besides finding some good products that don’t dry hard or greasy and they give you some type of definition to your wave pattern.  I hope this helps Brenda.  Thanks so much.

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