Harlem School of the Arts – Love Your Hair Day

At HSA, many of the classes require up-do’s and buns that are in keeping with different dance and theater disciplines. Many students are not sure how to accomplish this without ruining or breaking their hair. HSA created an extra-special workshop with celebrity stylist and salon owner Dickey of Hair Rules NY that will helped their students learn even more about loving their beautiful locks.  The “Love Your Hair” Day covered topics like “The Importance of Understanding Your Hair Texture and What It Needs” as well as demonstrated perfectly-polished up-do’s (buns) and safe straight or curly styling techniques.Image

With dance being a visual art form, appearance matters. The objective of this workshop was to educate young performers on the difference between street looks vs looks for stage. Dispelling myths about hair and makeup and most importantly knowing and understanding your hair and skin type and maintaining healthy looking and behaving hair and skin,both on the stage and in everyday living.
Fabulous makeup Artist Gregg Hubbard was also on hand to take it a step further by talking about age-appropriate makeup & skin care. The workshop was free for registered HSA students who were encouraged to stick around after class or come back to the school in time for this special experience: there were also gifts and giveaways from the salon to help the students get their happy hair started at home!



  1. I wish I would have had something like this when I was growing up. Back in the late eighties, early nineties when we were running around, looking like who done it and why! Kudos for helping these girls love their hair!!


  1. […] I took the Hair Rules team to the Harlem School of the Arts, for our first annual “Love Your Hair” event. We shared our knowledge and understanding of hair and beauty in the performing arts. We encouraged […]

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