Customer Q and A – Help After the Big Chop and Kid’s Hair

Dickey responds to the question – “I did the big chop about 4 months ago and am currently wearing a short afro. I have two hair textures (kinky/curly). I am doing a wash and go daily because it is short and my hair is flat each morning. Is this the correct thing to do at this stage and should I also try and “dust” my hair every 3 months? I also have 8 year old twin girls with curly/wavy hair, any suggestions on hair care for them. I just placed an order for the kinky trial set and leave in conditioner. I am so excited about trying your products. I only bought the trial because I have so many things that I need to use up being that I am a product junkie since cutting off my sisterlocks.”

More tips for your girls – Cleansing Cream is a great way to clean and detangle kids hair.  The thick creamy formula won’t run into eyes and really keeps the hair hydrated.  Rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze out excess water,  and then add your leave in conditioner. Work through with a wide tooth comb, starting at ends and gently working your way to the roots.  Avoid towel drying, it creates frizz and disrupts the curl pattern.


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