Customer Q and A – Curly Look w/ Straight Perms

Q. Can I have the curly look if my hair is straight permed? if so how long does it last?

A. If your hair has any curl in it, Hair Rules styling products can enhance it and hold it. But if it is straight with no curl, our products are not designed to magically create a curl. We do recommend the Wavy Mousse for sets and wraps though.
You can absolutely use our cleansers and conditioners on permed hair. They will provide the extra hydration that is much needed for chemically treated hair.

For a beautiful roller set, check out the look that Dickey gave Taren.


  1. Actually, you can achieve a curly look with permed hair. I do it often when I want to give my permed hair a break. The best time is when you have a fair amount of new growth. The texture and change in density will actually help hold the curl. When the hair is wet do small two section twist and then twist again into China bumps. To get better hold and curl use your favorite styling product that will provide a hold. Let dry, loosen the twists and then fluff out with fingers.

  2. I have a question? Hello, I have a question I hope you will answer! Over the months I have read up on so much material on how to care for my hair until I’m in overload! Well I need a recap and my question is on what apple cider vinegar can do for your hair and how offend should I use it? And the different oil like Oliver oil does and should you mix it with coconut oil and so on and deep conditioner and moisturizing you know pre pooing, and beside sulfate what else should not be in your product, please help, I have a perm can’t deal with natural and I trying to stay on top of my hair! Help help help! Please reply. And it’s breaking in the middle what does that mean

    • Thank you for clarifying that your hair texture is permed. With that said not all information works for everyone. As it relates to your chemically relaxed hair, which I cant say I know what was used to relax it? Was that was your only option? Did you choose to relax because of how difficult it was to decifer all the information that gets confusing ?
      So lets just deal with whats in front of us now 🙂
      Avoid shampoos entirely that have suds or foam! Only use sulfate free, moisturizing hydrating shampoos made for chemically treated hair. Try using Hair Daily Cleansing Cream as your primary cleanser 1 a week (or whenever you shampoo). You should avoid apple cider vinegar – its just a natural remedy that does not apply to your chemical processed texture – its to drying for your hair. Try adding a little olive oil or coconut oil to your conditioner if you like, but its not necessary once you have been regularly using Daily Cleaning Cream. If your hair is breaking in the middle, it could be a number of things:
      – Your relaxer may be too harsh, as an alternative you could next try a keritan treatment.
      – Too much heat styling – try doing a rollerset to reduce the amount of heat you are putting to your hair.
      – Your shampoo (see above)
      – Avoid using apple cider vinegar

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