Taren’s Roller Set with Dickey

We posted an image of Taren916 looking gorgeous (as usual!) after a roller set with Dickey at our salon. As promised, here is her video link detailing how it was done. And yes, that is her natural hair! Dickey set her finished look with our Volumizing Hair Spray, giving her hold and frizz control without stickiness.


  1. JaymesAlexandra says:

    I love Taren’s hair! It’s very retro chic! I think I want this done when I come to New York in November.

  2. Hey Hair Rules!

    Do steam rollers work on kinky textured hair (such as 4A, 4B and 4C)? Taren’s hair looks beautiful but not sure if steam rollers would work for my texture. Can the same technique be used on a kinky texture? If not, what steps need to be modified in order to have steam rollers work on kinky textured hair? Thank you!

  3. Yes, the Caruso Steam Rollers are beneficial for any texture, especially those type 3 and 4 textures which are naturally dry.


  1. […] a beautiful roller set, check out the look that Dickey gave Taren. Share […]

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