Customer Q and A – How Do I Get the Perfect Blow Out?

“When it comes to blow drying, moderation is key,” Dickey declares. “But I know there is no stopping the train of a woman who wants to wear her hair straight, so in order to safely and effectively blow out your hair, you need to do so based on your texture.”  Kinky and curlier textures need more moisture, wavy and straight textures need a lightweight straightening spray that won’t weigh hair down. Our Blow It All Out works in all textures, using this lightweight moisturizing spray will ensure that the heat is blowing off the product, and not your hair’s natural oils. Tools are more specific to texture – wavy and straight textures can use a bristle round brush, but you don’t want to use that on curly or kinky textures, which tend to get more tangled and be more fragile. A great alternative that is safe is using a blow dryer and comb attachment. This will de-tangle the hair and cause less damage, while letting the blow dryer do the bulk of the work. For wavy and straight textures, follow over the hair with a large barrel curling iron. For kinky and curly textures, follow with a flat iron. These tips will ensure that you’re doing the least amount of damage to your hair texture and will leave you with a gorgeous, sleek blow out.


  1. JaymesAlexandra says:

    My biggest issue is with my ends. I can never get them straight during the blow dry. I make sure they are very moisturized but I usually end up with straight hair from the roots, but tangled, ratty ends. Any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?

    • also be sure prior to straight styling with a comb attachment blowdryer and flatiron
      that you do at least three days of wash n wear styling so hair is super moisturized
      and that your trims are every 3 months thats 4X a year

  2. have you tried using a comb attachment? Using one will help to de-tangle your ends. You can also add a little more leave in conditioner to the ends to insure they don’t dry out.

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