Customer Q and A – Three Weeks Since My Last Relaxer, Transitioning to Natural

Dickey answers the customer question “Its been 3 weeks since my last relaxer. I decided to go natural, so I am transitioning. And I dont want to do the big chop. I am so scared but excited at the same time. My hair is very thick, type 4b/4c. What products and protectives styles to you propose?

Customer Q and A – Natural for 13 Years, Need Styling Direction

Dickey answers to customer question “I have been natural for about 13 years and I am interested in buying your products. I just need some direction with styling my hair. I usually go to salons to get my hair 2 strand twisted. Right now my hair is about 5 inches (just growing it back from a ultra short cut). How can I style my hair with your products without going to the salon? I don’t think they would be to happy about me bringing my own products with me (LOL). I have a busy work schedule,I am a travel consultant. I don’t think I would have to time to co-wash my hair every morning (like it instructed on the web page for kinky hair). Can you please give me so options? Thank you.

Customer Q and A – What To Do After Braids

Dickey answers the customer question “I had braids in my hair for the past three to four months and I wanted to have natural hair. I took out the braids and I washed my hair and my hair is now tangled with clumps. What to do?”

Customer Q and A – What Can I do to Get My Curls Back?

Dickey answers the customer question “I have been without a relaxer since 2006, but I have been blow drying, pressing and flat ironing my hair from then until 4 weeks ago. I want to go back to curly and natural. When wet, my curls and hair look great, but when it air dries it looks like straw. It is still curly at the roots but half way down it is totally straight. What can I do to get my curls back?”

Customer QA – Wash and Go Alternatives

Dickey answers the customer question: “Just before Labor Day, I did the big chop. I have been alternating between wash and go styles and twist outs. As the weather gets cold, are there other alternatives to the wash and go style? I do not have enough time to completely blow dry in the morning as I usually air dry. I find that as the weather gets colder, it takes longer for my thick kinky/coily/curly hair to dry. Also do the products I use for my hair change with the seasons?”

Cecily Bumbray video

Cecily Bumbray used Hair Rules to get the fabulous look for her new video….Check her out….Thanks for sharing with us Cecily!

Healix blog shoutout

Big thanks to Jennifer over at Healix! She published her review of our Nourishment Conditioner and Kinky Curling Cream. You can view the full post here.

Jennifer – You Rule!