Customer QA – Keratins

Q. Is it good to use keratin treatments when going natural?

I happen to love what keratins can do to hair, they have the ability to enhance or modify your texture without damage.

Like any chemical process in a salon, you really want to be sure that your stylist has been trained to understand how a keratin will affect your texture. Keratins work on all textures, however the application and use should vary according to your specific texture.

Keratin is a protein-bond that coats the hair strands to weigh them down, and seal them so they lay flatter on the head. The bond breaks down over time, so your texture gradually starts to return. What is nice about this is that unlike a relaxer, you won’t have straight ends with curly roots growing in.

Sodium chloride breaks down the Keratin bond faster, so you must avoid hair products with sodium chloride in them. Many of the shampoos they sell for Keratin treated hair still have sulfates that will deplete your hair of moisture. Chemically treated hair needs moisture and hydration. Our Daily Cleansing Cream and Quench Conditioner are a must have to keep your Keratin treatment looking beautiful and lasting longer.



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