Customer Q and A – Heat Damage 3c texture

Q. Good afternoon! I have kinky curly 3C hair, however, I have a lot of heat damage on one side of my hair and I do not wish to cut off all of my hair and start over. What can I do to bring back the curl and is it mandatory to keep my ends clipped? Thank you, Nakeisha

Hi Nakeisha, thank you for your question, we’re sure it resonates with a lot of women in the same situation. Because you have a texture that is naturally prone to dryness, you must remember one important thing every step of the way, moisture, moisture, moisture! When your hair texture is hydrated it will have more versatility than you can imagine.

Two things you need to keep in mind with your texture:
1 . Avoid 99% of the general market shampoos. Many traditional shampoos that suds up or foam have sulfates that strip and deplete your hair of moisture. Add intense heat to hair that has been stripped dry and you are bound to do some damage. Dry, heat damaged, hair doesn’t have the ability to bounce back to it’s natural pattern. Try using a no-suds shampoo like our Daily Cleansing Cream that will keep your hair hydrated. You will need to trim your ends, and in all honesty should have a regular trim at least every 3 months. Believe it or not, regular trims will help your hair to grow longer, faster. I would suggest you get a trim right away, you don’t have to chop it all off.

2. It is virtually impossible to over condition your hair. You should use an ultra rich conditioner as often as possible, like Quench, and deep condition once a week. A wash-n-wear style is the most versatile option for your texture. Co-washing in between shampooing will help to keep your hair hydrated and forming a beautiful curl pattern without frizz. Do three days of wash-n-wear styling before you straight style with heat. This will help you have super soft shiny straight hair that will revert back to its natural pattern once you get it wet again. Protective styles are another great option for styling versatility. Remember that your texture is soft and delicate like a cashmere sweater, treat it with care!


  1. I love the “protective” styles video! Did not know this – I am going to try on my stepdaughters. It’s gorgeous!

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