Customer Q and A – How Often Should I Wash my Hair?

How often should I wash my hair?

How often you need to shampoo definitely depends on the texture of your hair—but no one should be shampooing every day,” reveals Dickey.  “Contrary to popular belief, shampoo was actually created to clean the scalp—not the hair—as the scalp is the area that actually gets dirty.” . Many women don’t realize that they should treat their hair like they do their skin. If you have dry skin, you wouldn’t wash your face with a bar of soap. Likewise, if you have dry hair, you should avoid sudsy sulfate shampoos. When hair is shampooed, vital oils are stripped, drying it out. To combat this sapping of moisture, use a non-suds shampoo, like Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream.  Daily Cleansing Cream is deeply hydrating, and will dissolve dirt and oil while preserving the moisture that your hair needs.
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