Vogue Get the Look – Day 1

Vogue Gallery.

It isn’t often you get the call to work with a Vogue bookings editor, let alone one that happens to be a gorgeous black woman with natural hair

I’ve had the pleasure of having Simone as a client in the Hair Rules Salon, getting out with her into the fashion world of Vogue was a great opportunity to bring our discussions to life.  Creating these looks helped her to truly see just how versatile her natural texture is.

Trying to keep to a tight shooting schedule of 5 looks in one day, I met with Simone at the salon the night before.  I gave her a quick trim (which she does every 3 months, as I suggest), and then I prepped her hair with a twist out for the first look of the day.  I started by applying Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner to her hair before blowing it out.  I then applied a cocktail of oils from our salon Ting Treatment (you can use palm nut, coconut and olive oils at home) and then flat twisted her hair with Hair Rules Curly Whip (I like to use a hair color application brush and bowl for twists).  I sent her home for her beauty rest on a silky pillow to keep the twists from fraying and frizzing.  In the morning we met at Vogue for our first shot.  I took out her twists, had her shake and fluff her hair.  I then pinned up the sides, leaving the back and the front out for a stylish look to compliment her first outfit.

Get the products used to complete this look here.


  1. Reblogged this on Natural Product Junkie and commented:
    Love Hair Rules from H to T! Their products, their salon, staff and of course, Mr. Dickey too! Look at them doing beautiful things in this September’s Vogue!


  1. […] the next look of the day (which thanks to the magic of location logistics and photo editing is Day 4) we stopped […]

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