The Texture Guru – The Texture Paradigm

Hair texture can easily be broken down into these simple categories: kinky, curly, wavy or straight. Although many people have more than one of these textures growing on their head, there is usually one that is more dominant than others. Generally, women with kinky or curly textures have been the most overlooked, not having a standard of hair care as their reference beyond relaxers and hair grease or products (that have been produced from the standpoint of someone with straight hair) that dry out their texture. Women have been left with heavy gels and waxes that build up and do nothing but lament your texture, preventing your hair from achieving its true potential. Because of the previous lack of information or knowledge on working with these textures, women often end up chemically altering and thermally manipulating their hair (out of despair rather than by choice), some from the earliest age of 7. I see a lot of women who now, thirty years later, are ready to rediscover their natural texture. The many faces of the beauty industry have confused the consumer. Hairdressers start out in beauty school learning how to process hair (and not deal with it in its natural state), mass market manufacturers sell products based on ethnicity rather than the specific texture. A common assumption is because people share the same ethnicity, they have the same hair texture. This is completely false. Although kinkier textures can be found on women of African descent, you can also find curly or wavy texture on a woman of the same ethnicity. Texture is not ethnic specific. I feel it is my responsibility to help all women understand and embrace their natural texture. The Hair Rules approach to beauty is based on truth, and was designed to offer the healthiest approach to hair care and styling as a means toward evolving mindset, changing perceptions and influencing practice.

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  1. […] straight, so in order to safely and effectively blow out your hair, you need to do so based on your texture.”  Kinky and curlier textures need more moisture, wavy and straight textures need a lightweight […]

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