Stop Fearing the Gym

It seems as if every time the summer Olympics ends, everyone wants to hit the gym and get in shape. Unfortunately too many women of texture fear working out because they don’t want to deal with shampooing their hair. Your workout doesn’t need to dictate your hair regimen and your hair regimen shouldn’t limit how and when you work out!

Most women think that their hair gets dirty, but that is a common myth. Shampoo is actually for the scalp, not the hair. Your scalp doesn’t need to be cleansed everyday because the oils it produces actually give luster to your hair. You can actually clean the scalp simply by rinsing the hair thoroughly with warm water and using the fingertips to massage the scalp to loosen any debris. We call this the “Co-Wash” and embracing it will open you up to many more workout options. After you rinse, follow with a Leave In Conditioner to hydrate hair and leave it soft, then style as usual.

Your workout can also be a great time for a deep conditioning treatment. Try applying a dime-sized amount of Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner into your palms and rub them together. Smooth the conditioner over your hair as you pull it back into a ponytail, paying extra attention to the ends, where hair is driest. Now you can head to the gym for your workout.

Another great tip is to put a little planning into your hairstyle and try coordinating it around your workout. On days you’re doing cardio, plan to wear your hair natural. Apply your favorite styling product after your shower and then let your hair air-dry.

On days you want to wear your hair straight, just do light weight training where you’re not sweating out your style. To help retain a blow-out, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and twirl into a bun on top of the head. This will help preserve your straight style and keep body at the crown area. Wearing a headband helps absorb moisture from the hairline, which gives you minimum frizz. To refresh curly styles after your workout, take a spray bottle and mix water with a bit of Hydrating Finishing Cream, spritz throughout your hair to bring back bounce and shine.

Do you modify your gym schedule to accommodate your hair style?


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