You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat” is more than just a saying—when it comes to your hair, the old adage is true. It turns out your waistline isn’t the only thing affected by the food we put in our bodies, nutrition can have a drastic effect on our hair.  No matter what your hair type or texture, eating well is essential to hair health. Lot’s of people don’t know that eating too much of certain foods and not enough of others can leave hair brittle and broken, and even cause hair loss.

Low iron levels are often the sneaky culprit behind hair loss—70% of women who experience hair loss can attribute the effect to iron deficiency. Vegetarians and vegans often consume less iron-rich foods than meat-eaters, putting them at a higher risk for hair loss. Not getting enough protein can also cause hair to thin. Studies have shown that when you go more than four hours without eating, hair follicles are deprived of energy and the formation of hair protein cells is slowed down. Another common culprit is zinc, an essential element for a variety of our body’s functions. Low levels of zinc and a many other vitamins is often to blame for dry, brittle hair or even cause changes in hair texture and color.

In addition to getting your fill of vitamins and minerals, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain hydrated, healthy hair. Incorporating multiple servings of fruits and vegetables as well as protein-rich foods into your diet will benefit your body from head to toe—including your hair.


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