We were forwarded this story  from the Daily Mail in the UK on our friend, Naomi Campbell, and the damage to her hair line.  We are certainly not ones to dictate a style choice to any of our clients.  However, these images serve as a cautionary tale to other women.

When Dickey wrote Hair Rules, he had some advice for women to consider before opting for a weave.  “If your hair is already weak or overprocessed from relaxers and/or coloring, or your scalp is inflamed, then a weave is not advisable”.  He continues by saying ” A weave might get in the way of restoring your own hair to health. There may be a better intermediate-style solution available to you.”
What are the intermediate alternatives available?  A woman with this sort of traction alopecia should really stop getting weaves.  Her hair and scalp needs a moment to rest and recover.  She could opt for some stunning headwraps and scarves for daytime and use a lace front wig for special events and outings.  Many women look incredibly beautiful with short cropped hair, and shouldn’t fear going for the big chop.

If you have spent years of your life and thousands of dollars on weaves, you obviously take pride in your appearance.  Could you make a radical change and rock  a short style?  Let us know what you would do.


  1. I learnt the hard way too…The right side of my hairline was a mess…Too much weave, too much braids and i never for once took a break….Come July, i shifted gears….i decided to wear my natural hair, give my hairline and hair a break from weaves or braids and only use Hairrules products and Argan oil to bring my hair back to life….It is almost 2 months and i am so proud, my hairline is growing back, i used drastic products to restore it, did hot oil treatments, deep conditioning once a month with eggs/hair mayonnaise and offcourse hairrules…I created my own regime. I would use headscarf most of of the time and if not, then i just wash and go….I will continue doing this for the next few months, hoping to do crochet braids as a protective style once in a while but i know for a fact, braids and weaves are not in my list for the next one year.

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