Customer Q&A Relaxed Hair

Q&A of the day
I love the wash and wear rules!

Can you please suggest a regimen for my hair that is relaxed?



Dickey’s response:

Yes of course!   Relaxed hair can be great if cared for properly.  The number one rule is to avoid shampoos that have suds in them since suds can destroy chemically treated hair.  I would highly recommend using Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream to help retain moisture and shine in your relaxed hair.   After cleansing with Daily Cleansing Cream and conditioning with Quench Conditioner, use our Blow It All Out spray on hair to your desired softness.  And don’t forget you can always use our Wavy Mousse for sets and wraps!


  1. hi dickey! i have a question…I’m a stay-at-home mom with little to no budget for hair products. (things are tight!) I big chopped in February of this year and I know I need a trim, badly. My hair is kinky and I actually, learned a lot about my hair and what it needs from What does a person do in my position?? I like to try things and when I can I’m definitely gonna order some things from ur site but for now its either buy the 20+dollar shampoo or whatever I need, or eat. What does a person with desire to have great looking hair but no money do? Are there natural things that are economical I can use instead?

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