Who Do You Want to be Today?

Women often face obstacles when attempting to wear their hair straight one day and natural the next. Hair stylists are often taught to “care” for hair without acknowledging texture, which leaves women thinking of their hair as a problem. Women trying to straighten their hair are then doing so by using unhealthy methods and are doing some serious damage in the process. This simple but often ignored concept got our Texture Guru, Dickey, thinking that it was time to introduce women to a collection of products that allowed them to ask the question, “Who do I want to be today?” Women are constantly coming into our salon and begging for an answer to the dilemma of how they can wear their hair straight while still maintaining the health and integrity of their natural texture.
You have a right to flaunt your natural curls, kinks, and waves one day, then blow your hair straight the next day without causing excessive, unnecessary damage. Your style choices should not be dictated to you, it’s your hair, your choice, your rules! Ultimately, Dickey is proud of our entire product collection, as it is a safe haven for all types and textures and allows women freedom of choice when it comes to their hair.


  1. my hair are thin and weak.can you suggest me smthng?

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