These days, we get so many women coming into our salon who want to start transitioning to their natural texture.  It’s as if the veil has been lifted and they’ve decided it’s time to start living a more “holistic” lifestyle.  Despite the limited information available about dealing with their texture, women are increasingly pursuing going natural.

Women are bombarded with contrasting messages: the internet is full of stories of women who have embraced their texture, while the hair care industry continues to push a one-size-fits-all ideology that doesn’t work for everyone. Hair has become an uphill battle for women with kinky and curly textures, which is why many women begin considering exploring their natural texture in the first place.

The first step in this sometimes daunting process is finding out what it really means to transition out of a relaxer and into your god-given, natural texture, which, believe it or not, was perfectly designed for you.  Stepping into this new, natural approach might make you feel a little uneasy – you’re bound to be unsure of what’s to come.  Women have running dialogue of negatives in their heads – that their hair is too nappy, too unruly.  But it’s the deep down desire to investigate their natural texture that will help make transitioning a reality.

Transitioning simply means that you stop relaxing your hair – that’s it.  You’re essentially changing your routine to a regimen that will leave your hair softer and healthier.  No one is suggesting that you have to cut off all your hair to go natural.  It’s all about your comfort level and embracing the transition process that’s right for you and your texture.

Confused about how you’ll style your hair during your transition?  Try out the below:

1.  Blow dry with a comb attachment and use a flat iron or curling iron to style.

2.  Try getting a transitional weave that closely resembles your natural texture – it will get you more familiar with what your natural texture will look like and how to best care for it.

3. Switch from conventional shampoos to non-suds cream cleansers, like the Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream.  This will help your natural kinky/curly hair become more soft and pliable.

4. Go for the gold and cut off your relaxed hair!

5. Stay away from hairstylists who are unable to cater to your natural hair and that won’t hold your hand and embrace your transition with enthusiasm.

Remember, transitioning is a gradual approach to unleashing your texture’s true potential to reveal healthy hair and maximize the styling options that your individual texture allows – the boundaries will be wider and more exciting than you can imagine!


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