Gabby Douglas Your Hair Rules!

Gabby Douglas is certainly the breakout star of the 2012 London Olympics.  We admit, her energy, smile, and determination have captured us as well.  We were as disheartened as everybody else was when the conversation took a turn and became about her hair.  This post over at Jezebel summed it up so aptly in the title “Haters Need to Shut the Hell Up About Gabby Douglas’ Hair”, we couldn’t agree more.

So with her Olympic medals come the eventual endorsements.  She already has a special edition Corn Flakes box in the works, and P&G has signed her to multiple brands including Pantene, Cover Girl, Olay and Secret as well.  We are happy to see her hard work, sacrifices,  and dedication pay off for and her family.

This post is in a way a direct challenge to the Pantene brand in particular.  We envy your ability to work with Gabby, we wish we could afford to have her represent what we are about.  But more importantly, we would relish the opportunity to work with a girl who has had better things to worry about than her hair.  We would delight in educating and informing her on how to properly take care of her hair, to realize that her hair can do amazing things just like her body, with the proper amount of training and guidance.

What we want to know, is how is a brand that doesn’t seem to really understand hair texture going to help her grow into her natural beauty?  Yes, the money to care for her family is certainly a beautiful thing, and well deserved.  We just don’t want her to spend years frustrated on looking for a solution.

Gabby – when ever you are ready to learn the rules for your texture, we are here for you girl!

PS – Another controversy on her media nickname of “The Flying Squirrel”.  We think she should be called GiGi as in Golden Gabby.  What do you think?


  1. Have to agree don’t like the “Flying Squirrel” at all! Reminds me honest of a rodent that begins with a R and I took offense to the nickname when I heard it.

  2. Remarkable article…I commend Gabby on her achievements as well…she is fearfully and wonderfully made, performing in her God destiny.

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