Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a controversial ingredient to many consumers, especially in hair care. Naturally Curly and Curly Nikki’s boards are full of dialogue about this ingredients.

We have one product in our line that contains mineral oil, and that is our Kinky Curling Cream. We at Hair Rules do not try to hide the ingredient by calling it paraffinium liquidium like many other manufacturers do. Why do we have this ingredient you ask? The answer is simple – performance. We have not found another ingredient that performs in the same way to yield the same results. We have tried to reformulate Kinky Curling Cream without mineral oil and we have yet to find an acceptable alternative from a performance stand point. Dickey evaluates and tests all of our products in our salon on real women. If they don’t work to his, or his client’s, satisfaction, it doesn’t get approved. It’s that simple.
Our Curly Whip does offer similar performance results without mineral oil, so we do offer an alternative.
When we first launched our Hydrating Finishing Cream contained mineral oil . We were successful in reformulating that product without it and the version we sell today does not have it.
We have worked hard to create a line that is sulfate free, paraben free, phlthalate free, and is cruelty free as well. Not because if was a good marketing story, but because it mattered to our customers, and on a personal level to our business partners.

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