Black Women’s Transitions to Natural Hair

We’ve been so proud to have helped many women along their journey to natural hair. This article by Zina Saro-Wiwa from The New York Times does a beautiful job in celebrating this trend.
Do you have a transition story you want to share?


  1. […] When Dickey wrote Hair Rules, he had some advice for women to consider before opting for a weave.  “If your hair is already weak or overprocessed from relaxers and/or coloring, or your scalp is inflamed, then a weave is not advisable”.  He continues by saying ” A weave might get in the way of restoring your own hair to health. There may be a better intermediate-style solution available to you.” What are the intermediate alternatives available?  A woman with this sort of traction alopecia should really stop getting weaves.  Her hair and scalp needs a moment to rest and recover.  She could opt for some stunning headwraps and scarves for daytime and use a lace front wig for special events and outings.  Many women look incredibly beautiful with short cropped hair, and shouldn’t fear going for the big chop. […]

  2. […] It isn’t often you get the call to work with a Vogue bookings editor, let alone one that happens to be a gorgeous black woman with natural hair!  […]

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