Best Salon for Girls with Curls

another shout out this morning from our friends over at Refinery29 naming hair rules as the best salon for girls with curls! For the full article click here

Multi Ethnic Beauty Consumers on the Rise via WWD


Hair Rules gets a shout out from WWD’s recent post on the multi ethnic consumer

Hair Rules Salon featured on Refinery29

We got a nice shout out for the Hair Rules Salon on Refinery29 today.  We like to think of ourselves as a truly multi-textural salon, as we offer education and care for all textures.  Most hair dressers are taught how to process hair and don’t know how to embrace the versatility that each texture has.  We work with them all with equal love and respect from the tightest kinks to the straightest strands. Come in and experience what your texture has to offer, call 212.319.2525 for appointment or email:

The Texture Spectrum

ImageHair texture runs the gamut from kinky, curly, wavy to straight, or can be a combination of multiple textures and patterns all on one head. Each of these textures has a characteristic  that can be soft and fine, or coarse and thick, but the fact remains that kinky is on the opposite end of the texture spectrum from straight. These hair textures and types  have natural  unique characteristics that require a different set of rules from one another. Does your hair lean more towards the kinky side with curlier pieces scattered throughout? Is it somewhere between wavy and curly? Is it straight in the front but curly underneath? Or perhaps your texture is color-treated or chemically enhanced. In order for your hair to be healthy and look its best, we’ve created this texture spectrum to help you identify where you think you fall along the texture continuum. If one product seems too heavy or light, move in the other direction along the texture spectrum to get it just right. Hair Rules is designed to address your unique texture by helping you to rediscover your natural texture, embrace the versatility it offers, and wear it however you choose, via healthy, responsible methods.